..Health Benefits of Sleeping Early..

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise’ were the words uttered by Benjamin Franklin (one of the founding fathers of the United States).

Sleep is a powerful force that dispenses a multitude of life-changing benefits – from making us more productive, to prolonging our lives.

Check out our top 14 benefits of sleeping early –

1. Better sleep quality

2. Reduces the risk of diseases

3. A healthier heart

4. Improves memory

5. Controls weight

6. Feel happier

7. More energy

8. Strengthens immune system

9. Reduces anxiety and depression

10. Feel more attractive

11. Sharpens thinking skills

12. Reduces accident

13. Increases productivity

14. Improves athletic performance

So what do you say about having a good night sleep?

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